Support for study

In exceptional cases FAPADAG supports (disadvantaged) students, who can demonstrate that they work with disadvantaged persons/ groups and want to improve their situation and/or want to develop the professional educational curriculum. Until this moment 4 occupational therapy students in Eastern Europe have been supported in a Master study in occupational therapy/ occupational science in order to be able to establish or develop occupational therapy education in their own country and to learn their students to work with disadvantaged groups.

One student in Africa is supported in a Bachelor study in early childhood education in order to improve education for young children living in the slums. 


The organizational profile of FAPADAG has been accepted in DESA's (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) Civil Society database of the United Nations, that means that FAPADAG can try to influence the new Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) read more in News November 2013.

Fundraising activities

Fapadag has not yet been active in fundraising activities. A project school gardens for school gardens (see also policy plan) has been developed, however not yet been implemented.

We will and need to do more fundraising activities in the future. In case you have ideas on fundraising and/or you want to be involved in this activity, you can contact j.e.van.bruggen@gmail.com



























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